ZOZOSUIT. Step by Step Manual in English.

This article is a step by step manual mainly for residents in Japan who want to order a ZOZOSUIT, but not good at reading / listening Japanese.

However, I hope this can be an advice for all other people who are interested in this new fashion tool. I tried to explain each single step from downloading web app till you receive the suit and measure your body.

People who don’t live in Japan, you may go to the site of ZOZOTOWN in the U.S.
If you order a ZOZOSUIT and measure your body in this global before 30th of August 2018, you may have a chance to get a T-shirt and jeans for free.

And, you can also check a report of shopping based on the result of ZOZOSUIT. Please check the article “Curious about ZOZOSUIT Accuracy? Let’s Check Delivered Clothes“.

Now, let’s start ordering your ZOZOSUIT!!!

Preparation and Ordering Your ZOZOSUIT

Downloading App

First step is to download app to your smart phone. We use iPhone in this article but basic steps should be the same with other OS.

Step 01: Search the word “zozotown” in the app store, and find it.


Step 01: Move to the log-in screen.

Step 02: Move to the registration.

Step 03:  Input necessary information to register yourself.

Step 04:  Registration completed. Now let’s log in to ZOZO.


Step 01: Log in with the e-mail address and pass code you just registered.

Step 02:  Search ZOZOSUIT.

Step 03: Choose the color you like. Black or Red.

Step 04:  Input your height weight and sex. Size of your suit will be selected based on this data.

Step 05:  Move to cash register.

Now it takes around two weeks till you receive your suit.

Step 06:  Input your contact information and delivery address.

Step 07: Select payment option. If you choose credit card, add your card information.

Step 08:  You can choose other payment options as well. ZOZOCARD and Cash on Delivery.

Step 09: Now this is the final screen of ZOZOSUIT order placement.

As of the date of this article (Aug 18th, 2019), you can get the suit for free and you only need to pay for delivery charge.

Receiving your ZOZOSUIT, and Measuring Yourself

Your Suit Delivered! Check if Every Item Is in.

Your suit will be delivered in the package like below.

Inside the package, ZOZOSUIT, explanation sheet and message card are in.

No need to check two cards. Unpack the suit and you will find 3 items as shown below.

  1. Top suit
  2. Leggings
  3. Smart phone stand

Learn How You will be Measured.

Step 01: Open the app again.

Step 02:  Start measurement.

Step 03:  Make sure to start measurement in a bright place.

Step 04: Fold the stand and your phone shall be placed upright on it. Place it as vertical as possible.

If you have a tripod for smart phone, it might be easier than using the stand.

Step 05: Check the height of the phone. 70cm is the ideal height.

Step 06:  You stand 2 meters away from the phone. Seems the distance is important, and if you are not in the right distance, your phone will instruct you to move a bit back and forward to adjust the distance again and again.

Step 07: Your posture is also important while taking pictures. Check below screen shot.

Step 08:  Your phone will take your pictures 12 times. First one is your front.

Step 09: And you turn 11 times clockwise so that the app can take your pictures from 12 directions.

Step 10: That’s all for

Wear Your Suit and Get Ready for Measurement

Step 01: Now, please wear you suit.

Important points for correct measurement will be explained and checked in the following steps, so you don’t need to worry how to wear at this timing.

Just make sure “ZOZOSUIT” logo of your top suit and the tag of leggings come to your back side.

Step 02:  Start checking how you wear the suit correctly.

Step 03: Tag and Logo at your backside, as explained above.

Step04: Check your thumbs.

Step 05: Check your heels and toes.

Step 06: Check no room at your inseam. Check your top suit placed over your leggings.

Step 07: If you have long hair, check below.

Step 08: Check Your Neck

Step 09: Check small markers are placed exactly at your wrists and ankles.

Before you tap the “next” of below screen, please check the sentence below.

Note:    Before you tap the “next” button above, how about checking a movie to learn how to do?

Once you tap above, the non-stop measurement process will start.

You can find many movies posted on YouTube. I found a nice (simple and easy) one as below.

  • Hands free mode will start at 2:04. From here the phone will check if the setting is correct which is explained from step 03 to 06 of above 2-2.
  • Measurement will start at 3:32. Every time you hear the shutter sound, please turn 1 hour degree clockwise (we can hardly hear the shutter sound in the movie). Measurement ends at 4:22.

Setting Your Phone to Start Measurement

Since you have to leave your phone on the table to take the picture, mainly the process will be proceeded verbally from here.

Step 01: Setting the volume of the sounds come out of the phone.

Some small window may pop up to ask you for your approval to access some functions of your phone. In that case, tap “yes”.

Step 02: Check if you can hear messages from the phone correctly. This part you need to know the pronunciation of numbers in Japanese.

Step 03: Now your phone will go into vocal mode. Place your phone at the measurement position.

Finally, Actual Measurement will Start

The measurement process will start from now. Stand up 2 meters away from the phone, and wait for the first shutter sound. Then turn a bit 11 times.

Measurement Finished. Now You can Check Your Size and Enjoy Shopping.

How to Check the Result.

Step 01: After 12 pictures are taken, below screen will appear. Just tap the blue button.

Step 02: And you can check your detailed body size. If something is wrong you can go back to step 01 of 2-2 to measure again.

Below screen shows my body size. Well,,, right arm and leg are longer than left.

If you move to shopping, tap the blue button. Lower button is a detailed size chart, and lower to that (not in the screen above), you can check your size with the average from same height and weight.

Go Shopping

You can select items from various brands. As far as I checked through my app, when you search items ZOZO will automatically pick up ones which fit to your body.

This function is very helpful, but ZOZOSUIT will lead to more sophisticated shopping experience when you buy ZOZO original brand. I ordered jeans for me as a trial.

Step 01: When you search jeans or T-shirt, you can soon find ZOZO original items. Tap the blue button to put it in your shopping cart.

Step 02: Before putting it into the cart, the app will ask you if you want any size adjustment. We can adjust waist, hip and leg length. This time I ordered with no adjustment.

Step 03: Move to the register, and do just like you did when ordering ZOZOSUIT. That’s all.

Finally, Every Step Completed!

My jeans will be delivered in a few days. I will report once I receive it.

It took only 2 days from order placement to delivery.

I tried it on, and confirmed it perfectly fits to my body (though I don’t like its design so much).

As the next step I’m going to order cloths from non-ZOZO brands.

Thank you very much for reading this article till the end. You can also check a report of shopping based on the result of ZOZOSUIT. Please check the article “Curious about ZOZOSUIT Accuracy? Let’s Check Delivered Clothes“.

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    1. Seems not, unfortunately. There’s no size switching functions on my app, nor I could find how to at ZOZOTOWN webpage.

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