Check My Sense of Tasting Sake. “Yummy Sake”.

It’s very fun going to sake shops and bars to enjoy meeting with new sake brands. Sometimes you find a bottle which just fits to your tongue, sometimes you will be surprised by an unexpected taste, and even meeting with a brand you don’t like is still interesting.

However, what if you know your taste and a liquor shop can recommend bottles which you like based on that? I guess you can enjoy exploring sake world more.

Today I would like to introduce you “Yummy Sake”, a tool which helps you understanding your sense of tasting sake by telling your the best fit one from 12 taste types.

What’s Yummy Sake?

It’s a web app tool offered by Yummy Sake Collective. You will do a blind tasting of 10 sake brands and input how much did you like each sake from 5 grades on a smart phone.

10 Sake Brands I Tasted

Then, based on that, the app will teach you the best onomatopoeia taste type from 12 tastes as well as the most recommended brand for you.

Twelve Yummy Types

Below I roughly translate explanations on the web site into English.

AwaAwa. Well balanced sweetness and sourness like champagne. Modern clear taste.

SuruSuru. Light stimulation on your tongue and silky mouth feel.

ToroToro. Mild flavor and taste. A viscous texture like milk covering your tongue.

SharaShara. Refreshing flavor like apples and citrus, and its taste is also highly refreshing.

KyunKyun. Sweet flavor like banana while its taste is sharp.

ByunByun. Clear taste and gentle sweetness diving into your mouth.

PataPata. Sharp sourness spreads inside your mouth which keeps you not bored.

KurunKurun. Concentrated umami like well cooked rice.

PuriPuri. Modest flavor with strong impact taste which explodes right after you sip.

YawaYawa. Not too heavy and not too light. Calm taste which doesn’t fluctuate from the first sip until swallowing it.

YuraYura. Rich sweetness and ripe flavor.

What’s the Evaluation Like?

The test is very simple.

You will taste 10 brands sequentially from No.1 to No.10. After you finish a cup, you score it from 1 (don’t like) to 5 (like) and drink water to reset your mouth. And you shouldn’t talk until you finish till the end so that you can concentrate on tasting.

Its price is 2000 yen and it takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

The Result.

Below are my results. It was exactly the same I thought about myself which was not surprising. But this means I think this testing is reliable.

And, after the evaluation is finished, you can check on your smart phone the name of 10 brands you tasting. There I reconfirmed that I don’t like “Kosyu”; aged sake.

Where can We Try This.

I tried it at Mirai Nihonshuten at Kichijoji. According to the web site of Yummy Sake Collective, we can experience it at two other places both in Tokyo. One is the shop of Yummy Sake Collective in Daikanyama, and the other is Mirai Nihonshuten in Ebisu Mitsukoshi department store.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have a chance, I strongly recommend you to try this tool.

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