“Yamagata Masamune” Natsu-no-Junmai for Summer Evening.

Today I introduce “Yamagata Masamune Natsu-no-Junmai Yoru-No-Bu”, which a staff of Mirai Nihonshuten recommended to me.

“Yamagata Masamune” is its original brand name and other parts are describing its characteristics. “Natsu no Junmai” means “Junmai sake for summer” and “Yoru no Bu” means “Evening Edition”. I have not compared it with daytime edition, but a little rich & strong taste of this sake is indeed good for sipping slowly enjoying with dinner.

Its label is full of fireworks. Fireworks all over the dark sky is a typical summer scene in Japan, and so this lablel strongly reminds us with summer evening.

General Information

  • Band Name : Yamagata Masamune
  • Specific Name : Junmai
  • Other Characteristics : None (Natsu no Junmai Yoru no Bu)
  • Alcohol Degree : 16%
  • Ingredient Rice : Dewa san san
  • Rice Remained : 60%
  • Brewer : Mitobe Shuzou in Yamagata Prefecture
  • Web Page: http://www.mitobesake.com/?page_id=523&lang=en
  • Price : Around JPY1500/720ml on web shops

How Does it Taste?

Sweet and mellow aroma. I also felt Umami of nihonshu from its smell. Its taste is rather rich than fresh. However, clear sour taste like citrus is also contained. Mellow aftertaste remains a few seconds.

Of course it’s good with Japanese cuisine. But its a-little-strong taste really matched with the bottom plate in below picture; boiled beef with coriander leaves. I assume the marriage of this sake with Chinese cuisine is also interesting.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are interested in Japanese sake, please also refer to “the list of sake“, and for general info., to the article; “Sake. Small Tips to Enjoy Nihonshu“.


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