Let’s Have a Quick Drink at a Standing Bar. Tatte-Nomu-Okada.

With this article I start to introduce bars & restaurants I recommend.

And, my first recommendation is “Tatte-Nomu-Okada”, a tachinomi (standing bar) style izakaya in the walking distance from Tokyo station.

Basic Information

  • Name : Tatte-Nomu-Okada
  • Cuisine Genre : Japanese
  • Style : Tachinomi (Standing Bar)
  • English Menu : Yes (Not for Japanese Sake)
  • Photo Menu : No
  • Price: JPY3000 to JPY4000 per person

立って呑む おかだ(Tatte-Nomu-Okada)
Access: 1 min. walk from 7th entrance of Kyobashi Station, Ginza line of Tokyo Metro
Address: 104-0031 Kyobashi EdoGrand 1F, 2-2-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo(map
Other Restaurants & Bars nearby: GURUNAVI Kyobashi x Bar
Posted on: 4th Nov, 2018


  • Like many other tachinomi, this bar doesn’t accept reservations. When you are interested just go there and drink.
  • Okada is a standing bar, but they have just one table with chairs, by paying table charge you can sit and relax to enjoy drinking longer time.

Recommendation & Explanation


Kyobashi area is between Tokyo station and Ginza area. Nice access for travellers from Tokyo station which is only 10 mins walking distance. The bar is in Kyobashi Edogrand which has a direct access from Kyobashi Station.

Despite its nice location and quality food and sake, eating & drinking here is not expensive. Probably because it’s a standing bar.


Very nice selection of Japanese sake. Unfortunately they have sake menu only in Japanese but you can ask the bar staffs.

Sake menu on the wall

They also serve a set of 3 glasses as “comparison set” just for JPY1000.

I only drink beer and sake here, but in the menu (in Japanese & English) some good brands of wines were also listed. You don’t need to order a full bottle. You can enjoy from a glass of wine. Maybe this is another good point of standing bars.


I forgot to take photos, but food was also nice. Variety of seasonal dishes are on the list.

My favorite at my last visit was saury sashimi.


Good. Friendly and talkative staffs. We can ask to do a kan (warming up) for Japanese sake.

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