Shonan-gold. Enjoy Drinking at Home an Orange Flavored Ale.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, breweries are in a bad situation as their main customers; bars are shutdown. Occasionally we’re also in a bad situation that we cannot drink outside.

So, why don’t we order craft beer online?

Sankt-Gallen is one of my best craft beer brewery in Japan, and Shonan-gold was the first craft beer which impressed me. Though this brewery has a variety of authentic ale line up, let me introduce this orange beer in this article.

Capture from Sankt-Gallen official site

Shonan-gold is the name of an orange brand from Kanagawa prefecture. The whole orange including its flesh, peel and juice are abundantly added in the wort and brewed together.

As such Sankt-Gallen brews a fruit ale “which makes your burp as orange flavor”.

And seems they are very much confident about this product. They say in their web page that “drink before you die”.

General Information

  • Band Name : Shonan-gold
  • Style : Fruit Ale
  • Other Characteristics : None
  • Alcohol Degree : 5 %
  • Ingredients : Malt , Hops, Orange (Shonan-gold)
  • Brewer : Sankt Gallen Brewery
  • Web Page:
  • Price : JPY3260 / 6bottles x 330ml (JPY548/bottle) tasting set at Brewery’s Online Shop.

Be careful that we can buy Shonan-gold only in spring and summer seasons.

How Does it Taste?

Pouring the beer into the glass you first notice its gentle orange aroma, and after that further gentle sweet grain aroma will come.

It’s not too sweet nor too light. Rather sharp sourness and bitterness coming from citrus is it’s characteristics.

Not like craft beers introduced in this blog so far, I enjoyed this fruit ale without appetizers. I think we can enjoy it the best when we drink it outside in the sunny daylight in spring and summer.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are interested in Japanese craft beer, please also check “the list of beer“, and for general info., to the article; “Craft Beer. Let’s Enjoy Evolving Japanese Masterpieces“.

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