Rydeen Alt. Craft Beer of a Sake Brewery.

I love alt beer.

Every time I visit Dusseldorf for a business trip, I secure at least one night to visit Alt Stadt to enjoy some glasses of Uerige

Now many craft beer breweries in Japan are making their own alt beer, and this is my first time to try Rydeen Alt. It is an unfiltered alt beer brewed by Hakkaisan, one of major Japanese sake brewery.

Those characteristics are very interesting to me, but honestly saying I noticed them after I bought a bottle and went back home. The only reason I took it at a supermarket is its cool label.

General Information

  • Band Name : Rydeen
  • Style : Alt
  • Other Characteristics : Unfiltered
  • Alcohol Degree : .0%
  • Ingredients : Malt, Hops
  • Web Page: https://www.hakkaisan.com/our-products/beer/
  • Price : JPY 460 / 330 ml.

How Does it Taste?

Not like the general impression I have on alt beer, fresh aroma like citrus came out when I opened the bottle. But the taste of Rydeen Alt is very typical. Its taste starts with sharp bitterness, and mild sweetness with caramel aroma follows. It’s body is less heavier than average alt beer.

Pairing of Rydeen Alt with roasted chicken was so nice. Chicken, beer, chicken, beer,,, there was no space for salad to come in the rally.

Where to Buy?

Not sure if they also offers beer line up there, but on the web page of Hakkaisan Brewery I found a list of shops world wide. If you have one in your neighborhood, please try to find the beer.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are interested in Japanese craft beer, please also check “the list of beer“, and for general info., to the article; “Craft Beer. Let’s Enjoy Evolving Japanese Masterpieces“.

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