This Sake Makes You Love Nihonshu. Sensuke Daiginjo.

Many people who don’t like nihonshu says it’s because of the smell or strong taste of alcohol. For those people I would recommend “Sensuke, Junmai Daiginjo”.

This sake, made by Izumi Shuzou located in Nada in Hyougo prefecture where is one of the most famous place of sake productions in Japan, will definitely surprise you only by the first pouring and the first sip.

General Information

  • Band Name   :   Sensuke
  • Specific Name   :   Junmai Daiginjo
  • Other Characteristics   :   None
  • Alcohol Degree   :   Between 15° & 16°
  • Rice Remained   :   48% (52% polished off)
  • Brewer   :   Izumi Shuzou
  • Ingredient Rice   :   Yamada Nishiki harvested in Hyogo prefecture
  • Price   :   JPY 1,851 / 720ml (In the official online shop)

To learn how to read above, check also “Sake. Japanese Rice Wine”.

How Does It Taste?

Sweet smell like Koji mold. First time I tasted this sake I thought it was strawberry juice. Next time I felt it was melon juice. This time my impression about this nihonshu was mixed fruit juice. Yes, it’s really fruity and sweet, and its aftertaste is surprisingly refreshing and light. Be careful. You may unconsciously drink too much.

Regarding above chart, please check the article “Taste of Sake”.


It’s a daiginjo which has a strong flavor. Sake professionals tell it’s not good for marriage with food especially with light taste, and you don’t need any appetizers to enjoy daiginjo.

Well,,, I’m not a professional and I enjoyed it with dishes in below picture. It was great. Clams in the picture were steamed with this sake which was also really nice.

Where to buy? Where to order?

Unfortunately I have never met with this brand in restaurants and bars. And I have never bought a bottle by myself since my mother in law (who lives in Hyogo) buys for me.

As the brewer is in Kansai (western region of Japan), this sake is sold at liquor shops mostly in western areas. Here I attach a shop list. Please use google translate to find the location of the nearest shop with you.

I you find a bottle in a shop, or a glass in a restaurant. Take that chance and try to have one. Maybe it’s the luckiest happening in this year for you.

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2 Replies to “This Sake Makes You Love Nihonshu. Sensuke Daiginjo.

  1. You made me nostalgic, thank you!
    To have this sake while traveling through Hyogo area, I’d recommend few places:
    If you have some spare time in Kobe, there is izakaya called “Rokko Ekimae” 六甲駅前 just in front of the JR Rokkomichi station ( ), where I learned to drink Sensuke. 🙂 It seems to be a stable item on their sake list. And there is a small liquor shop just around the corner (Google maps do understand the adress “1-chōme-5-15 Hieharachō Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 657-0054 Japan”) where they used to have it regularly when I lived nearby. And I would be very surprised not to find Sensuke in every bigger liquor store in Kobe area…
    If you can have a free day there, have a tour around sake breweries! This ugly old page has the best information: There is Izumi Syuzou company shop in Nada area of Kobe: where they offer samplings, but they do not offer brewery tours, nor do they have “museum” as some other local breweries do, since their old building perished in the 1995 great earthquake.

    1. Thank you Michael for your informative comments! Kobe is my wife’s hometown but i didn’t know anything which you taught me.
      i’m now living in Tokyo and will move to Singapore in a few weeks or months depending on covid-19, but will try them when we visit her parents next time.

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