Avant-Garde & Aggressive Sake Brewery. Miyoshikiku.

“Walk on the wild side”. This phrase, which was taken from a song released by an American musician Lou Reed in 1972, is written on labels of sake brands of Miyoshikiku Shuzou brewery.

Miyoshikiku shuzou is a brewery in Tokushima started its business in 1903. Though it has a long years of history and tradition, this brewery is now well known with its challenging and aggressive brewing.

One of its characteristics is on the label. As you see on the top photo of this article, many of their brand has unique labels with cute Manga; cartoon characters. I heard from a shop staff when buying this bottle that the brewery is planning & designing those labels by themselves which leads to cost reduction.

It’s taste is also very unique. Let’s take a look.

General Information

  • Band Name : None
  • Specific Name : Junmai Daiginjo
  • Other Characteristics : None
  • Alcohol Degree : 17%
  • Ingredient Rice : Yamadanishiki (100%)
  • Rice Remained : 50%
  • Brewer : Miyoshikiku Shuzou in Tokushima Prefecture
  • Web Page: https://miyoshikiku.shop/
  • Price : JPY 2000 / 500 ml at a shop in Tokyo

How Does it Taste?

Fresh and Sharp sour flavor like a pineapple. It also has strong sour taste like a pineapple which I have never experienced in Sake. And what more amazing was its aftertaste. After the fruity taste passed, then crispy and little sweet taste of almond appears on my tongue.

In many web sites Miyoshikiku is introduced with its unique taste, and I agree with them from the bottom of my heart.

I had this sake with “Kimchi Pork”. It has strong sour and spicy taste derives from Kimchi pickles. I sipped Miyoshikiku after I ate a bite of it. Then, the sourness of this sake perfectly canceled the strong taste of Kimchi Pork and refreshed my tongue first, and then the almond taste gradually spread in my mouth.

Thank you for reading this article. The bottle I introduced was only produced for Mirai Nihonshuten, and you can find it only at there. But when you find this name “Miyoshikiku” at a bar or a liquor shop, why don’t you try it? Let’s walk on the wild side.

And, if you like to find nice Japanese sake, please also refer to “the list of sake“, and for general info., to the article; “Sake. Small Tips to Enjoy Nihonshu“.

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