How to Choose Sake. Mirai Nihonshuten can Help!

There are more than 1400 sake breweries in Japan which produces over 10000 brands of this liquor. You don’t need to think it difficult but sometimes you may feel you got lost when looking for your favorite sake.

For such stray sheep, “kaku-uchi” style bar & liquor shop can support you getting your direction. And, “Mirai Nihonshuten” is one of the best shops who can provide you with a very good experience in your sake adventure.

What is Kaku-uchi?

Kaku-uchi is a traditional style of nihonshu shop. At there you buy your bottle, and can enjoy it at a corner made inside the liquor shop. Normally it’s standing style, and they usually sell simple appetizers as well.

Many kaku-uchi shops give “tasting set” of sake as well. You can taste some brands with paying little money. And when finding your favorite, you can buy a bottle and bring it home.

Tasting Set at Mirai Nihonshuten. You can choose 3 brands for 780 yen.

Mirai Nihonshuten – Basic Information

They have two shops in Tokyo. One at Daikanyama, and the other at Kichijoji. This article introduces Kichijoji shop.

  • Name : Mirai Nihonshuten
  • Style : Kakuuchi (Nihonshu Shop with Izakaya Bar)
  • English Menu : No
  • Photo Menu : No

Menu is not a problem. You can choose your sake by seeing labels on bottles and taste. Food menu might be only in Japanese, but let’s ask the shop staffs.

  • Access: 5 minutes walk from Kichijoji station of JR.
  • Address: 1-12-5-1F Kichijojihon-cho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0004
  • Web Page:

Recommendation about Mirai Nihonshuten

Variety of Nihonshu

They are selling variety of 160 sake brands stored in the best condition in the shop. Just looking at artistic labels and bottles in the fridge show cases on the walls is quite interesting.

Shop staffs give you appropriate advices. Feel free to consult with them to find your brand.

Or, if you have no clue, then just order tasting set. Shop staffs choose several bottles which are the best in that season. You can choose 3 from them and enjoy.

“All-You-Can-Drink” Service

They also offer a fantastic service for sake lovers. With 2000 yen (for 60 mins) or 3500 yen (for 120 mins), you can drink any bottles in the tasting bottle stocker. You can keep up to 2 bottles in one time on your table, pour as much as you want in the glass. And, you can change your bottles as many times as you want.

Note: All-you-can-drink is not All-you-can-waste. Pour not more than you can drink and control yourself.

Explanation of All-You-Can-Drink Service

Your Taste Finder

And, what is more interesting is “yummy sake”. You will do a blind tasting for 10 brands of sake, and find your “yummy type”; taste type of sake you love. This service is introduced in a separate article “Check My Sense of Tasting Sake. “Yummy Sake””.

What I bought.

I bought two bottles at the end. One from brands recommended by a shop staff from sake tasting set. And the other is the one recommended by yummy sake.

For sure, this liquor shop is enjoyable, interesting and learningful for sake beginners and sake experts. Please try to visit when you are in Daikanyama or Kichijoji.

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