Long Lasting Civil War in Japan. Kinoko Takenoko War.

“Kinoko Takenoko War (abbreviated as “KTW”)” is a series of conflicts between Kinoko-ha (mushroom conservatives) and Takenoko-ha (Bamboo revolutionists) which have been sporadically occurring throughout Japan since 1979 until now.

First of all I have to admit that I am one of enthusiastic Takenoko revolutionists. I will try to write a neutral article, but it might be biased towards Takenoko. Please gather information from various articles so that you can make an equal judgement.


Overview of Kinoko Takenoko War

“Kinoko no Yama” on the left, and “Takenoko no Sato” on the right.

“Kinoko no Yama” and “Takenoko no Sato” are sweet snacks sold by Meiji Co., Ltd. At first Kinoko was released in 1975, and 4 years later, its predestined rival, Takenoko was put on the market in 1979.

Both have enthusiastic fans. Basically both snacks have the same nature which is a combination of chocolate and biscuit. Only a few slight differences between them caused an unsseful, non-yielding, and long lasting arguments almost 40 years.

Each and every Japanese citizen has own belief which side to support.

Ask anybody around you if they support Kinoko or Takenoko. They will immediately give you an answer. In case they don’t answer, that persons are scared of causing troubles. This is such a sensitive issue.


Recent War Situation

To avoid bloody war, people have been trying to settle this argument by some peaceful measures.

National Referendum

The manufacturer of this conflict, Meiji tried to calm down the situation by holding a national referendum in 2001. The result of the over 1 million votes was the win by Takenoko which took 55%.

Virtual Proxy War in “Splatoon”

In 2016, a major game maker Nintendo held a battle between Kinoko supporters and Takenoko supporters on the field of online FPS game; “Splatoon”.

Again, Takenoko defeated Kinoko.

screen shot from Splatoon official website. Takenoko won the match.

Source: Official site of Splatoon by Nintendo

Persistent Kinoko Conservatives

Not only above, many investigations led to the same results; superiority of Takenoko.

But persistent Kinoko supporters have not surrendered yet. And thus, Meiji is now holding the 2nd national referendum.

The result will be decided in early September, and the current interim situation is as below.

Status of the 2nd national referendum as of 6th of Aug., 2018. Takenoko (in green color) is dominant. But the difference is too slight. Pink is supporter for “both” which I cannot accept. Vote for Takenoko!

Source: Meiji Co., Ltd.

No matter how many times we hold the referendum, and no matter what is the result, I assume it will not lead to a solution. It will just further divide the society. We should learn from the Brexit referendum.

Then, what is necessary to resolve this Kinoko Takenoko War? Obviously it’s a “dialogue”.

In the next chapter, I would like to compare the features of those two snacks. It may help people clarifying the criteria and make the evaluation easier.


Analysis and Comparison

1. Taste

First of all we have to discuss about their taste since we are talking about sweet snacks.

In doing so, we have to concentrate not on chocolate part, but on biscuit part. You can find the difference just in one bite.

Biscuit for Kinoko is simple, normal, and to say more straightly, boring.

In contrast, the biscuit for Takenoko is amazing. It’s crunchy and you cannot stop enjoying that texture. It has rich and deep taste which is not only sweet but you can feel some saltness.

Speaking of chocolate, Kinoko has more chocolate than Takenoko does. Thus, for people who like to have more chocolate Kinoko might be better choice. However, if you want to eat chocolate, why don’t you buy a choco bar?

2. Functionality

It’s obvious as you see in the photo above. Takenoko can stand upright by itself while Kinoko cannot. It’s stable shape enables us an artistic stacking on a dish. What a pity. Kinoko can do nothing but to scatter on a plate.

3. Beautifulness

This is also a self explanatory criteria. Just see the picture above.

Shape of Kinoko is just a mushroom. But the shape of Takenoko is not only like a bamboo baby which is commonly eaten in Japan, but it also looks like a flower bud, or beautiful mountains.

That shape can be used as a drill as well. To survive the Kinoko Takenoko War, such a killing ability might be sometimes needed.


Love & Peace

I think I could introduce the attractiveness of Takenoko well enough. But at the end there is no accounting for tastes. Eating only Takenoko again and again, sometimes I miss the simple taste of Kinoko. Let’s keep a dialogue having respect to each other. It won’t be so soon, but someday we can reach to a peaceful world.

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  1. This was a really interesting and informative article! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this fascinating civil war to people like me who had no idea!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Be extreme careful when talking about t his with a Japanese friend.

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