Honolu. Tasty Halal Ramen in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Its origin is in China, but ramen is one of the most well known Japanese food in the world.

However, I assume this supreme food from Japan has been not an option for Muslims because it usually contains many animal ingredients and seasonings like soy sauce which includes alcohol.

Honolu, a ramen restaurant chain who has shops in Tokyo and Osaka can provide an option for such Muslim gourmet. Congratulations!

Halal Certificate Displayed in the Shop in Ebisu

General Information

  • Name : Ramen Honolu
  • Cuisine Genre : Ramen
  • Style : Ramen Shop
  • English Menu : Yes
  • Price: Around JPY 1200 per person
Menu is Written in Japanese/English

Like many other ramen shops, you will buy a food ticket from a vending machine once you enter the shop. After that, find your seat and pass the ticket to the shop staff.

According to a shop staff there, “ALL” foods served at Ebisu shop is Halal.

Where can We Eat Halal Ramen?

Honolu have several shops in Tokyo and Osaka, but not all shops serves Halal foods. As of 18 Jan 2020, according to their web site, below shops are for halal ramen.

  • Ebisu, Tokyo (which is introduced in this article)
  • Namba, Osaka
  • Asakusa, Tokyo
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (Wow! They have one in Indonesia!)

Please check the up to date info at their web site. http://halalramen-honolu.net/index.html

Access : Ebisu Shop (Tokyo)

8 minutes walk from Ebisu station (JR and Hibiya Line of Tokyo Metro).

Address: 1-23-1, Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access: Namba Shop (Osaka)

5 minutes walk from JR Namba Station.

Address: 2-5-27, Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka

How is the Taste of Ramen at Honolu?

I tried “Tori Paitan Ramen” which is described as “Rich Chicken Flavor” on the vending machine.

It tastes like very normal ramen, positively. Complying Halal rules they don’t make any bad influences on the taste of their ramen.

The chicken broth soup has very rich taste. And wavy noodles well catch the soup when you put them into your mouth. The noodle itself tastes very normal.

The chicken meat on top is a bit salty but very nice. I would love to put it on the rice and eat them together.

Changing Taste

You can find “Yuzu Koshou” seasoning on the table. If you like spicy foods, I recommend you to put a very small portion of this seasoning in the soup after you finish half of ramen. It will totally change the taste and you can enjoy the whole bowl of ramen.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope this article will help people especially Muslims in this case to find nice food options.

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