COEDO Marihana. Strongly Hoppy IPA crafted in Japan.

The city of Kawagoe in Saitama prefecture is called as “Koedo”. That means “Small Edo” (Edo is the old name of Tokyo.).

And, in this city of Koedo, Coedo Brewery inherit the German style of beer brewing learned from a braumeister and produces a wide range of beers.

Out of those, today I’d like to introduce “Coedo Marihana” a nicely hoppy IPA.

General Information

  • Band Name : Coedo Marihana
  • Style : Session IPA
  • Other Characteristics : None
  • Alcohol Degree : 4.5 %
  • Ingredients : Malt , Hops
  • Brewer : COEDO Brewery
  • Web Page:
  • Price : JPY7049/24cans x 350ml (JPY294/can) at Brewery’s Online Shop

How Does it Taste?

It has strong smell of hops and you can also feel fresh orange aroma at the same time. It also has clear bitterness, and I felt a slight sweetness as aftertaste. Session IPA is not so alcoholic as standard IPA so you can enjoy lots of bottles / cans.

This time Coedo Marihana was paired with Napolitan (A great invention of spaghetti in Japan) and Beetroot soup. Strong taste of the beer and those cuisines canceled each other and I could fully enjoy them from the beginning till the end.

Where to Buy?

You can find the products of Coedo Brewery not only in liquor shops but sometimes also at supermarkets and convenient stores. And you can also find them at online stores.

hank you for reading this article. If you are interested in Japanese craft beer, please also check “the list of beer“, and for general info., to the article; “Craft Beer. Let’s Enjoy Evolving Japanese Masterpieces“.

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