“Aooni”. Refreshing Sharp Bitterness of a Japanese IPA.

IPA is an abbreviation of India Pale Ale. This ale has lots of hops and strong alcohol so that it can keep quality during ocean transportation from the UK to India.

And, this beer Aooni (literally “Blue Demon”) is I think one of the most loved IPA in Japan. Same like Yona Yona Ale, we can relatively easily find this fantastic IPA at supermarkets and convenience stores.

General Information

  • Band Name : Aooni
  • Style : IPA
  • Other Characteristics : None
  • Alcohol Degree : 7.0%
  • Ingredients : Malt, Hops
  • Brewer : Yoho Brewing in Nagano Prefecture
  • Web Page: https://yohobrewing.com/e/
  • Price : JPY3504/12cans x 350ml (JPY292/can) at Brewery’s Online Shop

How Does it Taste?

It has not so strong aroma. Sweet smell of malt rather than the one of hops. Speaking of taste, it has typical bitterness of IPA as well as mild sweetness and long remaining bitter aftertaste which gradually disappears. Though Aooni has strong alcohol, it’s body is not so heavy.

Strong ale for strong food. I enjoyed it with curry. Every one sip of Aooni reset every one bite of curry.

By the way, not like the standard in Japan, I and my wife don’t use instant curry roux but make it from spices. Someday if I can find, I’d like to write an article about my best mix of spices as well as the curry recipe.

Where to Buy?

Yoho brewing is keen about distribution of its products and you can find Aooni at some supermarkets and convenience stores.

And, you can also buy one through online stores including their own web shop https://yonasato.com/ec/ though it’s only in Japanese, unfortunately.

If you live in or visit Tokyo, it’s also nice to visit Yona Yona Beer Works, beer restaurants they operate by their own. Of course you can enjoy draft from taps there.

Thank you for reading this article. If you are interested in Japanese craft beer, please also check “the list of beer“, and for general info., to the article; “Craft Beer. Let’s Enjoy Evolving Japanese Masterpieces“.

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