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When you want information of Japan, you can soon find a useful how-to or tips through the internet, guidebooks, or people who knows much about this country.

Here in this blog, I try to share with you things which are usually ignored by Japan enthusiasts, omitted by guidebooks or overlooked by the internet because they are not important at all.  I believe such trivias can be good spices which seasons your life in Japan.

This blog can support people who are,,,

  1. living, or planning to live in Japan
  2. travelling to, or planning to travel to Japan, and
  3. interested in Japan.


About Aha Matsui


Name                   : Aha Matsui

Born                    : 1980

Living in             : Tokyo, Japan

Twitter Account: @AhaMatsui


Love to eat foods my wife cooks, love to drink (both at home and bar) and love to be chilling out at home.

Going out for a drink is one of my favourite too, but the problem is that I’m not strong at all.


No patience and get tired easily. But I am going to cling to this blog at least 100 articles.